Ursu extands international presence with entry into the German market

Ursu extands international presence

Ursu has just expanded its international presence by entering the German market, thanks to a partnership with distributor Hotblood Energydrinks GmbH. With a pure, low-mineral, and completely revitalizing taste, Ursu will impress lovers of pH9 alkaline mineral water, as well as those seeking a healthy lifestyle.

Ursu9 water can now be found in some of Germany’s largest retail chains, such as EDEKA and Kaufland, as well as in city stores by HotbloodEnergy.

For more information on how to purchase and sell Ursu in Germany, please contact the URSU9 distributor in Germany using the following details:

E-mail: info@hotbloodenergy.de

Phone: +49 69 348 789600.

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